VCAT upholds EPA licence amendment on Brooklyn landfill

Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) has seen its decision to amend the licence of a Brooklyn landfill operator upheld at VCAT. The amendments relate to landfill cover conditions, waste recovery and stockpiling.

Western Land Reclamation (WLR) has operated the 17.5 hectare site for more than 20 years and has received frequent demands by EPA to improve its practices especially in relation to its acceptance of more waste than the landfill cells are permitted to hold and rehabilitation of former landfill cells.

In handing down its decision in EPA’s favour, VCAT pointed to the poor landfill management practices saying:

“WLR’s practices have not demonstrated an adequate regard to either the licence conditions or to industry accepted standard landfill management practices in Victoria.”

“The site is one of a complex group of sites in the Brooklyn industrial precinct that EPA has consulted over several years to introduce better operating practices,” said EPA CEO Nial Finegan.
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