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EPA fines Veolia

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2017 Updates

BCRG Update 30_2017, EPA fines Veolia

BCRG Update 29_2017, West Gate Tunnel update, EPA Act 2017

BCRG Update 28_2017, BCRG Agenda Nov 15 and RSVP pls

BCRG Update 27_2017, Brimbank Compliance Update

BCRG Update 26_2017, BCRG meeting notes and Snapshot, EPA_the year of change

BCRG Update 25_2017, draft BCRG meeting notes, EPA updates_community benefits & 5year strategy

BCRG Update 24_2017, Management and storage of combustible recyclable and waste materials

BCRG Update 23_2017, New Taskforce for Resource Recovery Sites

BCRG Update 22_2017, EPA fines tyre company, Tips for reporting odour

BCRG Update 21_2017, Public hearings Env Effects Westgate tunnel, Consultation Statewide Waste SWRRIP

BCRG Update 20_2017, BCRG Forum this Wednesday Aug 16, 4Corners Waste Program

BCRG Update 19_2017, Agenda BCRG Forum Aug 16

BCRG Update 18_2017, BCRG Forum Aug 16, State helping councils deliver

BCRG Update 17_2017, More fines for Footscray tyre business, Nat Tree Day Jul 30, BCRG Forum Aug 16

BCRG Update 16_2017, Change of date BCRG Forum Aug 16, Scheduled premises regulations

BCRG Update 15_2017, EPA fines, West Gate Tunnel ventilation

BCRG Update 14_2017, EPA fines Sunshine Company, Sustainability awards

BCRG Update 13_2017, EPA welcomes Victorian State budget

BCRG Update 12_2017, EPA Reform community consultation next week

BCRG Update 11_2017, EPA news_Drone technology, Sunshine wetland contamination, Werribee landfill

BCRG Update 10_2017, West Footscray company fined for illegal tyre stockpile storage

BCRG Update 09_2017, RESENDOpen House Report, EPA fines tyre co, Sunshine Groupe update

BCRG Update 08_2017, Open Day_Drop in and EPA tours this Wednesday

BCRG Update 07_2017, EPA fines tyre storage

BCRG Update 06_2017, Australian Tallow Site Upgrades

BCRG Update 05_2017, Odour and waste enforcement, Community action

BCRG Update 04_2017, Sale of closed landfill sites, EPA updates

BCRG Update 03_2017, Sale of closed landfill sites

BCRG Update 02_2017, Final Nov meeting notes and snapshot

BCRG Update 01_2017, Govt response to EPA Independent Inquiry, meeting notes comments due Jan 20

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